“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” – Paul Klee
A confession and a pivot
Plus: Adorable robot fish, a 45,000-year-old pig painting, and recording sound on Mars.
Plus: Physics makes circles fun, octopus-inspired "smart gel" camouflage, and a light art installation that will blow your mind
Plus: The highest-resolution snowflake photos ever captured, a robot dance-off, and the world's smallest Christmas tree.
Plus: The mental-health benefits of birdsong, an angel on Mars, and a petri dish 'painting' made from microbes.
Plus: Glowing carbon dots, the 2020 Geminid meteor shower, and an "acoustic version" of the periodic table of elements.
Plus: The iconic Arecibo telescope collapses, a music teacher disproves his own theory, and Jupiter & Saturn to form 'Star of Bethlehem' for first time…
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Triple Point